We provide web analytics services through a variety of tools and techniques. Our web analytics experts give you all the insights you need to ensure that your website works hard and smart for your business. With the online space being where the goldmine lies today, the success of a business often depends on how optimized the website is. It isn’t enough to just drive increasing amounts of traffic to your website, you need to get your visitors converted into customers too. The only way you can do this if to know exactly how many visitors visit your website, how many of them convert to buyers, how many don’t, and why they don’t. It also helps to know where your visitors come from, how they got there, how much time they spent on the website, what they bought or left half-way through, and whether or not they returned. All this data will help you make better business decisions regarding your website.

We offer a number of services related to web analytics. These are:

  • Conversion optimization:- We design strategies to convert your visitors to customers by first analysing your website and using the insight to help you increase business revenue by ensuring high conversion rates for your website.
  • Dashboard management:- Our dashboard management solutions give you all the data and insights you need about your business at a glance. It gives you all the lowdown about existing marketing trends as well as all the data about all the departments across the board of your business.
  • Landing page optimization:- We ensure that your conversion rate optimization is boosted by using landing page optimization, thus securing your visitor’s attention from the very first page they see and inspiring them to be engaged for longer and motivating them to take a positive call regarding the purchase of your products or services.
  • Mobile analytics:- Know exactly how your mobile users are reacting and what they want with our mobile analytics services. This makes it easier to create more specific marketing campaigns.
  • Google tag management: Makes editing, updating, and removing codes and tags easier, ensuring faster online marketing campaigns.
  • A/B testing:- We help you compare your web pages or web elements to identify the ones that work, saving you time and money from the ones that don’t.

Our Team of experienced and skilled analysts are competent in all the latest tools and techniques of web analytics, ensuring that you get end-to-end management and control of your business online.